Wedding videographer gloucestershire, herefordshire, worcestershire, oxfordshire


My name is Peter and I’m the owner of Velvet Wedding Studio. I have been a wedding videographer since 2011. I am also the official photographer and videographer of Laithwaite’s Wine Company. I specialise in packshot photography for Laithwaite’s website, catalogue and social media pages. I’ve been involved in many, many projects over the last 16 years so I have the experience you need from wedding videos, corporate events, entertainment to stock photography, real estate, video, travel, tourism, newspapers, and more.

I love what I do! Photography and Videography is something I’ve been deeply passionate about for years and I enjoy every single second of the process. I try to stay away from the typical and I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and techniques. I strive to create films and photos that capture the true essence of who my clients are with style. I am always motivated to work creatively and professionally to ensure they are satisfied with the final result. I’m only happy when they’re happy.

My creative work

Wedding Films
Product Photography
Comercial videos
Lifestyle Images

A little extra about me….


I live in Gloucester with my wife Agi, our 9-year-old daughter Nel, our 14-year-old daughter Blanka, and our greatest friend, our dog Luna.
My wife is a great pre-school teacher with a huge heart for all the children she looks after.
My two daughters are the most beautiful gift my wife could ever give me.

Luna, with her wagging tail and loving heart, has become the shining star in our family. Her boundless energy, unwavering loyalty, and affectionate nature make every day brighter, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary in the magical world they share with their canine comet, Luna.

This is us

Here are the all projects I’m constantly involved with.


Wedding videographer gloucestershire, herefordshire, worcestershire, oxfordshire

Comercial Videos

I provide high quality and modern video production. My commercial videos are always creative, stylish and edited with the utmost attention to details.

Wedding videographer gloucestershire, herefordshire, worcestershire, oxfordshire

Lifestyle Photos

I have a huge passion for creative, lifestyle images and I specialize in portrait photography, and artists portfolios. I’m always on hunt for new ideas and techniques

Wedding videographer gloucestershire, herefordshire, worcestershire, oxfordshire

Product photography

I provide corporate and product photography for many purposes including advertising, commercial product photography, interior, exterior, architectural and pack-shot photography.

Wedding Videography Cotswolds

Wedding Films

I bring an original and creative quality to all of my wedding films and produce contemporary style memories for couples who wish to have something very personal and unique to them.

Wedding Videography Cotswolds

Wedding Videography Cotswolds.