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1. General Pre-Booking Questions

When looking back at your special day, five, ten or fifteen years down the line you won’t regret it. Photographs can only do so much!  Wedding videos offers something different to photographs, you can’t hang it on the wall but it will always bring back the memories of your day flooding back in a way that a photo will never be able to do. It is a fantastic way of capturing all the members of your family from the eldest to the very youngest. You will be able to show your grown children a special moment in time that they may not have witnessed or were too young to remember at that point.

So often couples say to me afterwards that they were pleased they had booked me, even if one of them was uncertain beforehand. Many couples agree that my style is very discreet and not intrusive.

Yes, in all wedding videos and packagest I offer, I record professional audio for the whole day (wedding ceremony, speeches, first dance)

It’s totally up to you, but I welcome the option of you modifying your package later on if it’s out of your budget.

The booking deposit is £200 to secure the date when you receive the contract, and then the balance of the payment is due 3 weeks after the wedding, when the package will be complete. Some people are happy to pay the balance before the wedding, but some decide to wait until the video is finished. It’s up to you.

No, I offer a Price Guarantee, so that once your booking has been confirmed your package prices are guaranteed. Therefore any future increases will not apply to your account.

This reservation fee is 100% refundable ONLY if your wedding plans change and you cancel the date outside of 6 months before your indicated wedding date. Also, in the unlikely event of serious personal injury or emergency circumstances beyond the control of Velvet Wedding Studio, I will make every reasonable effort to secure a replacement professional cameraman. If securing a videographer is not possible the client will receive a full refund. If you have to change the date of your wedding please let me know as soon as possible so I can check my availability. If I won’t be available on the new date, unfortunately your deposit is non-refundable. Fortunately, since the beginning of my business in 2011, I have never been late to a wedding, or have had to miss one.

The drone footage is included with the Gold Package. If you wish to add drone footage to Bronze or Silver packages, there is an extra cost of £200 on top of the video package price.

Congratulations on making your decision! Please fill out the form, add your message and I will contact you shortly to confirm if I’m still available for your date.

2. Durring your wedding day.

I wear smart clothes. The absolute worst thing I can imagine is to turn up at your special day in a polo shirt advertising my company! I want to blend in with your guests, so naturally I wear appropriate clothing for a wedding.

I never use lighting equipment because the cameras and lenses I use are very sensitive to light, meaning they can capture great footage in dark areas.

Wedding meal is not included in my contract. I don’t expect to have the full wedding breakfast. However, a plate of sandwiches or your main course served in the bar would be welcome, especially if I’m working 10 or more hours.

I film everything on one Canon Cinema Camera along with multiple lenses. I capture sound on a lightweight shotgun microphone and a small lavalier microphone.

3. After Booking Questions

I aim to have your wedding video finished approx. 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

No, unfortunately due to music copyright laws, I cannot use unlicensed music on your wedding video. This is still the case even if the video is strictly for your own personal use. All songs are licensed from sites like Music Bed. It’s important for me to keep creative control when it comes to picking songs to score your video. Hovewer, you can choose music for your highlights from my music library.

My personal favourite is to have your film on the highest quality possible so I provide the finished film on a free USB memory stick. USB quality looked simply stunning and was significantly better than the DVD. USB can be plugged to any device: TV, Computer, DVD Player, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
A Blu-ray copy (high-definition picture quality) is also included with different video packages. Please check the Prices and Packages page for more details.

I will store the master copy of your wedding film. If you need another copy, just let me know and I will be happy to send it to you.


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